A Guide to USB Repair

We depend on our computers to work, pay bills, get deals, find the latest news and more. When they do not function properly, it can create huge problems. Some problems may be troubleshooted from home, while others require a trip to the PC repair shop. However, USB repair can often be done at home without the expense of a professional. With a few simple tips and techniques the USB can quickly be functioning properly again.

USB Flash Drive Repair

A USB flash drive can cease to function properly making it difficult to transport files easily. If the hardware is not damaged and the files are not important, it is possible to simply reformat the USB flash drive and start over with an empty file. For more important files, data recovery USB repair is more difficult. If the flash drive is not physically damaged, there are several services and software programs available that can rescue the data.

Getting Files from a Damaged Flash Drive

If the USB flash drive has observable damage, is rattling inside or becomes hot to the touch, it is physically damaged and must be repaired. Data recovery software only fixes files that have been deleted or recovered, and lack the ability to find files on a physically damaged flash drive. It is also unwise to continue to try to plug the device into the USB port as this can cause even more damage. There are data recovery services that specialize in flash drives, generally charging between $100 and $300 per drive for data recovery.

Dealing with a Driver Problem

Sometimes when a device is plugged into the USB port on the computer, it will not work properly. This can be a simple USB repair fix. The first step that should be taken is to go into the device manager and look under the Universal Serial Bus controllers setting. Then click the category Drivers. There will be an uninstall button. Once the information is uninstalled, it is possible to reboot the system and have Windows re-install the drivers when it detects new hardware. This is often enough to get the USB ports to work properly again.

Broken USB Ports

Sometimes the problem with the USB port is that it is physically broken. If this is the case it is usually better to take it to a repair shop. If a DIY solution is chosen, a fine tip soldering iron, a de-soldering braid, a screwdriver, diagonal cutters, tweezers and a Dremel tool with cut off wheel will be needed. In order to get to the USB port for a USB repair, the computer will need to be opened up and taken apart. The new USB port will need to be installed and the computer reassembled.

If the USB repair is not a simple solution like reinstalling the drivers or reformatting the drive, it is wise to let a professional handle the job. This is particularly true if there is important data that may be corrupted as this can prevent the problem from becoming unfixable.